Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How are you associated with local churches?

Agassiz Christian School is an interdenominational school. Our students attend church at a wide variety of congregations. However, our school was started by the Agassiz Christian Reformed Church in 1964.

2.  Are your teachers certified?

Yes, our teachers are not only committed, caring Christians, but are also professionally certified by the government of BC. Staff members are evaluated regularly and are committed and held accountable to on-going professional growth.

3.     Are you a part of larger organization?

Agassiz Christian School is a not for profit society run solely by its Society members.  We are, however, members of SCSBC (Society of Christian Schools of BC), FISA (Federation of Independent Schools) and CSI (Christian Schools International).

4.  Is your curriculum the same as other schools?

Our curriculum follows the BC Ministry of Education guidelines, and is taught from a Christian perspective.

5.  How does the Bible fit into your curriculum?

Every subject is taught from a Christian perspective. Bible is also taught as a subject. All students attend weekly chapels.

6.  What other subjects are taught?

We offer Bible, French, music, band, choir, computers, physical education and extra curricular athletic teams.

7.  Do you have an ESL program

ACS offers ESL to children within the classroom and with the assistance of an EA.  We also have an International Student program. Students are integrated into the classroom as much as possible but do receive help in English instruction according to their assessed needs.

8.  Do you have a Special Education program?

Agassiz Christian School, believing that all children, including those with significant physical, academic, social or emotional disabilities, are  equally valued by God and best nurtured in a Christian school community, will enroll students with special needs.  Parents must provide the school with documentation related to the child's needs.  Final decisions regarding levels of integration, staff and the students education program rests with the school.

9.  Do students have to wear uniforms?

Uniforms are not required. Students are expected to dress modestly.

10.  What are your school hours?

School begins at 8:20 and finishes at 2:40. Kindergarten is full days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There is also an option to attend Kindergarten five days per week with two specific start dates - determined at the start of the school year. The preschool program for four years olds runs onMonday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8:30 - 11:30. Three year olds meet on Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:00 - 11:30.

11.  Does the school provide transportation?

Yes, bus transportation is available.

12.  Where do Agassiz Christian School graduates attend high school?

Most graduates choose to attend Unity Christian School, a school in which we are partners, for Grades 8-12.

13.  What do parents do?

Agassiz Christian School is a membership directed school. Through an elected board, association meetings, and committees, what you say is listened to and acted on. 

14.  Can parents attend chapel?

Parents are welcome to attend chapel, which are held on Wednesday mornings starting at 8:20 and finishing at 8:50.

15.  How can I be involved at Agassiz Christian School?

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for parents and supporters to be involved in throughout the year. There are committee opportunities. There are classroom volunteer opportunities, field trips, athletics, and special events.