Grades 6 & 7 

Mr. Braun is passionate about many new concepts in teaching and with the new BC curriculum there is so much freedom to make an education an experience. Some highlights you can find in Mr. Braun’s class are:

Building a safe classroom community

This is an integral part of learning. If a student does not feel they are safe or accepted in a class, it is not likely they will learn. There is where community building comes in. Based on research and techniques by Laurie Frank, Mr. Braun is trying to build community through adventure! Games, brain breaks and group challenges are all a part of the day in Mr. Braun’s classroom.

Project-based learning

This is a concept that allows students to learn by answering a big question. This approach allows students to direct their own learning and answer authentic questions about a given subject. Project-based learning is much more hands on and often takes students outside of the classroom.

Mindfulness and self-regulation

These are big themes in modern education and they are also becoming part of student’s days at ACS. Using the Mind UP Curriculum developed by the Hawn Foundation, we are hoping to build self-awareness and confidence for our students allowing them to understand their feelings better. We hope that, through being mindful and aware, all our students might improve their mental health.

Grade 7 Exploratories

In keeping with the vision of Agassiz Christian School, grade 7 students will be offered a program that meets two of the school’s goals:

  1. increase student’s awareness and understanding of themselves as image bearers of God and encourage growth in their relationship with Him

  2. prepare students for a life of service and leadership in their home, in their church, at their work and in their community

An exploratories program will also provide opportunities for unique learning environments for those with unique learning needs. This setting will often include the sharing and modelling of other adults in the community, a positive opportunity to interact in an inter-generational setting.

Finally, this program will allow ACS to meet many of the government “learning outcomes” in areas of Applied Skills, Health and Career Education, Physical Education and Fine Arts.