In our K classroom, we will be using a hands-on approach with engaging levelled learning activities. Kindergarten has a part-time (full-day M-W-F) and a full-time option (full-day M-F).


We will be studying the Old Testament from Genesis to Joshua. In the New Testament we will look at Jesus’ birth, miracles, death and resurrection. We will focus on God’s redemptive plan throughout history and make many connection to our daily lives.


Our topics include patterns, 2-D and 3-D shapes, measurement, number sense, addition, subtraction, skip counting, comparing numbers and more! Kindergarten will be introduced to more difficult concepts later in the year. Grade 1 will go more in depth and spend more time throughout the year on topics such as place value, basic math operations and problem solving.

Language Arts

We will use a variety of methods for teaching early literacy skills at each child’s level: guided reading, literacy centres, author study (read aloud books), morning messages, whole-class instruction, educational songs and media, listening centre, computer programs, journals, and focused writing and research. Students will also participate in a home reading program that matches their reading level.

THEME (science and social studies)

Our instructional strategies include field trips, guest speakers, books, videos and hands-on exploration. Our topics are:

Seasons of Life

Who Am I? The Story of Me

Who Are We? The Story of “We”

On the Move

Pond Life

Grade 1

More to come on grade 1 soon!