Science & Heritage Fair

ACS students participate in a Historica Fair and a Science Fair during alternating years. These events take considerable time (2-4 weeks) of Social Studies and Science time from the curriculum as well as some of the Language Arts time for researching, writing, speaking and more. Each year some of our older students are chosen to participate in one of the following regional fairs.

The Fraser Valley Regional Historica Fair

This fair is an educational initiative designed to increase awareness of and interest in Canadian culture and history. It is an event that actively involves Canadian young people, school, business and community groups in a contemporary celebration of our shared traditions and heritage. Students research any aspect of Canadian history or culture that interests them, and then present the results of their efforts in a public forum. The goals of Historica Fairs are:

  • To increase awareness of our Canadian heritage

  • To celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity

  • To create an exciting learning environment for students of history

  • To promote and publicize the variety and uniqueness of our heritage

  • To encourage individuals and communities to celebrate their part in Canadian history

Science Fairs

These fairs are also an important aspect of a child’s education. They allow children to interact with God’s incredible world in a very unique hands-on, exploratory way. The project is a great place for students to show their writing skills, art skills and speaking skills. During the project they will also practice reading skills, math skills, and problem solving. Each year ACS students are chosen to participate in a Regional Science Fair in Abbotsford.