Our Values

Quality Christian Education

Agassiz Christian School seeks to employ qualified, committed Christian educators and to provide a curriculum that integrates faith and learning.


Respect of diverse learning styles

Agassiz Christian School seeks to provide a balanced and supportive learning environment that meets the learning needs of all students.


Identity and faith

Agassiz Christian School seeks to help students understand their identity as image bearers of God, demonstrate His love and grace, and foster a love for Him.


Service and Leadership

Agassiz Christian School seeks to provide opportunities for students to develop gifts of service and leadership in the school, church, home and community.


Partners in learning

Agassiz Christian School seeks to promote the cause of Christian education by partnering with parents and churches. 

Our Goals (Strategic Plan)


A clear commitment with a measurable outcome is likely to be completed.  With this in mind, Agassiz Christian School will evaluate and hold itself accountable to the following measures which will guide ACS in evaluating the degree to which the school achieves its vision and strategic priorities. Its scorecard includes:


  1. Educational Program

  2. Increasing Community Engagement

  3. Facility Improvements

  4. Enrolment

  5. Development


Educational Program Goals  (board rep on Ed Com)

  1. By March 2017 the Education Committee and Board will implement a plan for enhancing educational technology use in classrooms.

  2. During 2017-18 the Education Committee will engage the community in assessing the current educational program strengths and weaknesses, developing a plan for improvement and/or expansion of program offerings.

  3. The Education Committee will explore opportunities for creating niche learning experiences or programs to begin implementing in the 2017-2018 school year.


Community Engagement Goals (board rep on Dev Com)

  1. By October 2016 the Board commits to developing a strategy for enhancing communication and connection with Unity Christian School.

  2. By January 2017 staff will explore avenues for developing meaningful connection with first nations schools and report their findings to the Education Committee.

  3. By January 2017 the Development Committee will develop a plan for enhancing relationships with local churches.

  4. During 2017-18 staff will develop a plan for ACS to partner with, and contribute to, at least one community service agency and/or share a learning experience with a local business each year.


Facility Goals

  1. By February 2017 the Building Committee will initiate efforts to enhance the comfort of staff and students by improving air quality and temperature.

  2. During 2017-18 the Building Committee will submit a plan to the Board to enhance the internal environment of the school. (for example, EA instructional space, office and entrance and creation of storage space). The committee will seek to engage strategic partners in this process.


Enrolment Goals (board chair, principal & admin ass’t)

  1. By November 2016 ACS revise their Special Education policy while examining admissions, staffing, space, and funding.

  2. By May 2017, in conjunction with #2 above (Facility), the Board will re-examine the use of the school facilities to determine if there is capacity for more than 80 students.

  3. During 2017-18 the Board will conduct a feasibility study to determine the demand for bus service to outlying areas (i.e. Hope, Seabird, Chawhathel, Harrison) and to outline the costs of purchasing and maintaining a 2nd bus.

  4. During 2017-18 the Board will recommend a revised Constitution and By-Laws which could include membership categories for families. (i.e. full and associate/voting and non-voting).


Development Goals (board rep and chair of Dev Com)

  1. By January 2017, the Development Committee will present a plan to build awareness of the school’s planned giving program and facilitate estate planning visits in conjunction with Christian Stewardship Services.

  2. By March 2017, the Development Committee will present a report to the Board outlining potential communication strategies to enhance school – parent communications (i.e. school mobile app, logo, tagline, etc.).

  3. During 2017-18 a combined staff/development committee will present a plan to the Board for enhanced community outreach projects with a realistic timeline for implementation.

  4. During 2017-18 the Development Committee will present a promotions plan.  (SCSBC support available), which includes strategies to develop broader community of support for the school through existing events (i.e. Dinner and Drive / annual barbeque) and new events (i.e. Market, etc.).

  5. During 2017-18, the Development Committee will present a report exploring the option for hiring a development staff person potentially in partnership with another school.


Business Essentials – require ongoing attention

  • Communication – internal and external

  • Board and Committee Membership – selection criteria and process

  • Policy Development – constitution & bylaws

  • Branding – #acslovescommunity